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by Kingman on July 18 at 3:31PM

Damn_YankeesBut for all the wrong reasons.

The Washington Post had this story Tuesday about Spankee fans who get their jollies coming to Shea to taunt Met fans.

Apparently, these troubled souls can’t cope with the feeble 2007 version of their team. So instead of visitng their therapist, they visit Shea to verbally assault Met fans. Strange behavior from very strange people.

I haven’t gone to Yankee Stadium in a few years because the place has gotten pretty uncivil. And most of the idiocy comes from people who probably aren’t “true” fans. They show up at the game to be seen and heard, not to watch a game. We’re starting to see some of the same solipsistic behavior at Shea now that the Mets are winning. But Yankee fans coming to Met games to root for the Yankees? Get a life. If you need help that bad, visit Depressed Fan. Brian will help cure you.

A few quotes:

"I'm generalizing here, but I think that Yankees fans are more combative and a few decibels louder than the typical Mets fan," says Jeremy Schaap, who has been covering baseball for ESPN since 1992. "The Yankees fan is less likely to be going to the game for a family outing and more likely to be pounding his chest and proclaiming the greatness of the franchise.

"Shea is like a picnic area. Yankees Stadium is like the Roman Colosseum."

"Every time I've gone to a game in the last couple years, the beer drinking has been murder," says author and raconteur Jimmy Breslin. "Late innings, they're all over the joint! I'm not complaining. I'm a fan of bad behavior. But it's not even bad behavior. It's just stupid."

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Brian said

Schaap is a moron, but at least he's kind enough to include the "I'm generalizing here," disclaimer.

There are good fans and bad fans in every ballpark across America (except Tampa Bay, where there are no fans). You take the good w/ the bad.

If, in fact, Yankee fans are going to Shea when the Yanks aren't playing the Mets to taunt Met fans, then those are very sad individuals.

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