— Days Without Shea —

Last week, we posted some updates about the city’s plan to take over the Iron Triangle and forcibly remove the 250–plus businesses that reside across the street from Shea. For a map of the proposed new Willets Point, check this out.

Occasionally big NY dailies cover this story but for the most part, the mayor’s latest efforts are largely going on under the radar.

TheAgeW0207_willetts_wideweb__470x323,2But an Australian daily and Web site “The Age” wrote up a good story on the subject.

Besides being well-reported, the story is also well-written, telling…and spelling… the story as only an Australian can. Dogs “mooch around smashed and rusting car bodies.” Business owners talk on cell phones, ”negotiating deals for tyres or body panels from the dozens of wreckers' yards and workshops in this grimy knot of streets.” You can almost smell the Iron Triangle.

The author got an interview Joe Ardizzone, 74, who is the only actual resident of the Iron Triangle. Also on record is Anthony Fodera, 77, who runs a bakery supply business founded by his grandfather. Fodera says, “The city wants glitzy businesses, but it needs gritty businesses. They want Tiffany's and Armani, but if you want to eat, you need a guy like me.”

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