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by Kingman on July 27 at 11:00AM

Confession: we sometimes spend too much time in Loge13 griping about all the elements of Shea Stadium that we wish to see transplanted to Citi Field… Everything from ourselves and our partial-season ticket plans to Shea’s stray cats living under the locker rooms

So to provide some balance, we offer up one thing we hope dies with Shea Stadium: The Wave.

For some reason, The Wave has returned to Shea in 2007. It started as ripples earlier in the season but Wednesday night, some yokels really got it going. Sadly these 80’s nostalgia nuts were sitting close to Loge13 and we were caught in the riptide. Here is a little video of a wave being birthed in front of us and crashing across the Loge section:

If you look closely at the beginning, you will see the drunken kid who was cheerleading the whole affair. And if you look closely near the end, you’ll see there is an actual baseball game going on in the field, which is usually why people spend alot of money to go to baseball games.

The new Citi Field seats are reportedly situated so they face towards home plate. Perhaps these angles will dissuade the seafaring louts amongst us from starting waves in the Mets’ new home.

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Eli said

I was at Sat nights game against the Nationals, and I saw on the diamond vision, a picture of some beach with the words "Do the Wave". They flashed it late in the game during one of the Mets' thwarted comebacks. So I don't think it's random fans. It looks like the party plannners who run the DV think its important to bring back this rally killer that they created some lame-o billboard for it.

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