— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on July 12 at 1:46PM

Yesterday, we talked about Willie Mays’ pink Cadillac, which he used to park in the player’s lot behind the Met bullpen.  

Serendipitously, Loge13 friend Bob sent us a snapshot of that lot taken in 1971.


Bob wrote:

What else is a 15-year-old Mets fan going to do with his new Kodak Instamatic camera than try it out at Shea Stadium?  Unfortunately, I couldn't get into this May 1971 game, so I had to settle for snapping this picture through the fence behind the player's parking lot.  The shocking thing is how working class the cars look - today there would be nothing but Lexus, Mercedes and BMW showing.  You can see the screen they erected to protect the bullpen from debris tossed from the stands - and that's the Mets bullpen!

Not sure who was playing the Mets that day, but according to the schedule it was either the Cubs, Cards, Astros or Phillies. The Mets were off to a good start, and finished that month at 27-17, but they couldn't sustain it and finished third in 1971.

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Stormy said

Nice crowd that day!

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Bob Bobster said

Looks like a sellout, which makes me suspect the Cubs were in town.

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