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by Kingman on July 17 at 9:06AM

Beltranspring2ug1Not a good beginning for this critical west coast swing.

The Mets lost 5–1 to David Wells and the Padres Monday night. Jorge Sosa looked good in his first start back from the DL.

But once again, the Mets offense did not show up. In the first five games back from the All-Star break, the Mets are averaging 3 runs scored a game. Leaving men on base has become the norm.

The Carloses (Beltran and Delgado) have been the worst offenders. Beltran was 0–4 last night and is something like 7 for his last 51 at-bats. His average has now dropped to .254.

The Mets defense was also uncharacteristically flimsy last night, committing two errors.

Mercifully, the Braves got mauled by the Reds 10–3 at home last night, so the Mets still retain a 1.5 game lead in the NL East. But they are not hitting like a team that deserves to be in first.

Tonight, El Duque goes up against Jake Peavy. After a shaky start last Thursday, Hernandez settled in and pitched 6 innings of 2–hit ball against the Reds. He’s going to need to repeat that performance – or somehow improve upon it – if the Mets are to win tonight.

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Ron Hunt said


Someone please tell me what our esteemed (former Yankee) manager is doing these days(other than betting the Pods...big!)

Why is Lastings batting second? This is the spot that was so perfect for LoDuca last year and since everyone agrees he's been overanxious lately, when better to return him to where he's been successful and better display Reyes skills at the same time?

Why is Valentin back in the lineup, while injured, when Gotay had a great series and looks like the solution at second base for the remainder of the year?

And finally...why is Beltran still hitting third? He hasn't hit his weight since April.


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Kingman said

Rave on, Ron Hunt. LoDuca's woes have gone on too long. Stick him in the 2 hole, where he once prospered. Milledge has no business up there. Remember when Wright batted 6th, even 7th and Willie said the rookie had to earn his way to the top of the lineup? Leave Lastings where he was.

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Ron Hunt said

Thanks for the backup, Kingman, although taking hitting advise from you gives me pause.

At least we know that our (former Yankee) manager is just trying to get some offense without moving Beltran (ala Torre) at least we know he's not a racist, as Gary (I threw the ball in the stands on purpose) Sheffield (Dwight Gooden's nephew - so obviously a trusted soul) recently said.

Willie is a great leader and really good guy but his on the field decisions are bordering on horrible.

This year is showing that this club, with a excellent manager, should have won everything last year. Virtually EVERYTHING went our way but our established starting pitching.

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