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by Kingman on July 16 at 3:22PM

Came across this from the Dayton Daily News...

Apparently, when local sports writer Hal McCoy finishes his hectic day of covering Dayton’s teeming sports scene, he has time to answer questions from readers, such as this one:

Q I've heard you and Marty Brennaman talk about how awful Shea Stadium is and wonder what is so bad about it? — Bill, Villa Hills, Ky.

A You have to argue with the rats over your popcorn. The place stinks like, well, New York. They pump the decibels on the sound system higher than jet-plane engines. And that's because it has to be heard over the jets that fly just above the light towers on their approach to LaGuardia Airport. Don't even think about listening to your tape recorder, even with earphones, when they are playing music. Impossible. Marty and I are playing rock-hammer-scissors to see who gets to push the plunger when they implode the place next year.

Unfortunately, he is right about the volume levels at Shea. But that is an affliction affecting every professional sports arena. For the record, I’ve never seen a rat at Shea. But I’ve also never been in the press box, which is probably filled with all manner of vermin.

And who could push the plunger on such a magnificent edifice?


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Bob Bobster said

Yes, the racket is terrible. The noise from the jets - well, that's always been there, and it will be a problem with Citi Field too. But there's no need for the constant din being piped in over the PA system. Let the fans have some quiet time to think about the inning that just passed, and the one ahead. After all, that's what's so great about baseball, the times in between plays. It's what different from hockey or basketball, for instance. Maybe organ music is hopelessly old fashioned, but I'd prefer it hands down over the din at today's ballparks.

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Kingman said

We need Jane Jarvis Day at Shea.

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