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by Kingman on July 26 at 10:15AM

There was a lot of history to witness last night in Loge13 of Shea Stadium.

First, Glavine won career victory 299 as the Mets beat the Pirates 6-3.

Also, prodigal Loge13 son Ross Jones returned to the section. Ross and I picked out our Loge seats in the partial season plan back when we were in high school 22 years ago. In fact, I think it was his idea to begin with; he had the foresight that someday, the Mets would be in the post-season and a partial plan would guarantee us tix. Ross hasn't lived in New York for years so it's great when he returns.

However, it should be noted that there is NO LOGE 13 without my parents, who took us to Shea that cold November day and put the seats in their name since we were too young to sign any contract. Plus when we went off to college, they kept up the plan and are now the biggest Met fans in Queens. Along the way, they have taken every grandchild of theirs to Loge13, transcending across generations a tradition of shared baseball memories. Which Citi Field's draconian ticket plans now threaten. But I digress...

Ron Hunt wasn't there to complete the reunion. But the folks who took his tickets showed respect by not sitting in "the dead man's seat." (That's Dave's seat, Ron's buddy and ticket partner who passed many years ago. More on him some other time).

As for the game, Glavine did a little more with 6 runs this time. In his last start, he couldn't hold a 6 run lead and was chased in the third. Wednesday, he started shaky, walking three in the first before Xavier Nady hit into a double play. After that, Glavine settled in. He wasn't fooling too many hitters but they couldn't seem to figure out their timing on Glavine's breaking pitches and made lots of awkward swings. From Loge13, it seems like Glavine has lost some velocity just in the past few months. He was barely breaking 75 mph on the Shea Stadium speed gun.

The Mets are looking more patient at the plate during this recent surge. LoDuca had four RBI's and wasn't first-pitch hacking as he had been. Meanwhile, the Pirates' ace Tom Gorzelanny was fooling no one and left the game during the third inning, apparently with a sore shoulder.

Gotta say something about Milledge. He has been fun to watch since his call up. He made a great running catch in deep center field, as a last-minute fill-in for Beltran. He also hustled out a double in his first at-bat and got thrown out trying to stretch out a second one his next time up (he would have made it too but Nady made an exceptional bare-handed play to nail him).

The Pirates hit him Tuesday night (for alleged grandstanding after Maine's home run) and again Wednesday. Meanwhile, Randolph and the Mets administration continue to slam Lastings.

There seems to be a double standard. How can Jose Reyes dance in the dugout, taunt pitchers and perform elaborate 5–minute handshake routines and not get accused of showboating (just not running out ground balls)? Meanwhile, Milledge shows some excitement and gets called out.

I agree if he showboats after a home run, make an issue of it. But lets not label the guy throughout the organization as a cocky rookie. The Mets – team and administration – did that to Scott Kazmir. Some veterans thought he was brash and played his music too loud. Now those vets are gone (except maybe the one who just won his 299th game) and Kazmir’s gone too. No one talks about how cocky he was, just how stupid we were for letting him go. Lets not drive out Milledge the same way.

Leave L Millz be! He has to make it as a ballplayer because he’ll never make it as a musician.

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Ross Jones said

It was good to be back last night. With the exception of the people who started the wave, it was nice to see so many Mets fans again. On Tuesday I will drive up I-94 to Miller Park. I hope to see Mr. Glavine win 300 in Milwaukee.

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