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by Kingman on June 6 at 4:38PM

Shea_sunsetLoge13 came across this article, posted last night on the Staten Island Advance Web site.

Apparently, the Mets are not living up to their obligation to let local school groups play the PSAL baseball championships at Shea, diverting the kids to KeySpan Park instead.

The Mets and Yankees are supposed to host games on alternating years.

According to the story, “This year's PSAL championship game was supposed to be played at Shea Stadium this Friday, June 8, while the Mets were off in Detroit. Now comes word that Shea is unavailable and the big game is back in a minor-league park at KeySpan.

And this seems to keep happening. There was the 2002 CHSAA championship game, when the Mets cited a bad weather report and refused to let the game be played.

The folks at Moore Catholic made such a fuss, calling in network affiliate news programs, that the game was rescheduled for Shea at a different date.”

In 2003 the game was moved back to KeySpan. The Mets told PSAL that Shea wasn't available because the Stadium was hosting a wedding rehearsal.

“It all sounds pretty cheap, especially from a franchise whose owner can't stop talking about his own days playing high school baseball in New York City.

New York City's taxpayers don't ask much of any of the city's sports franchises. Only that when their kids get a chance to play the biggest game of their lives, they get to play it on the biggest stage around.”


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