— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on June 13 at 9:38AM

New_yankeestadium_birdLoge13 is all about the pending demise of Shea Stadium.

But the Mets home isn’t the only ball park destined for the wrecking ball in 2009. Yankee Stadium is going down too. And while we are pretty myopic when it comes to anything yankees, there seems to be little noise about that stadium’s death.

We figured it was only a matter of time before the equivalent of Loge13 launched for the great Yankee unwashed. We finally found our distant cousin this week when we tripped upon RiverAveBlues.com (with the tag line “Because we won’t tear down Yankee Stadium”).

The site has been up for a few months and on first glance, doesn’t write as much stadium-related stuff as we do. But it looks interesting. They had a great post this week on the new Yankee digs that’s a must read, especially for the Yank fans within the blogsbyfans network.

Some highlights:

  • “The Yankees wanted their new stadium, and they will get one that will look just the one in Philadelphia which looks just like the one in San Diego which looks just like the one in Milwaukee and so on.”
  • “So the team will get its new playground, but we fans will get a giant surprise: The best seats in the house won’t be there anymore.”

The post quotes a March Voice article that reported the new Yankee Stadium will feature a top tier set back an extra 30 feet from the field, to keep the high-priced patrons below out of shadow. “Just so some rich non-fans can pay for the quote-unquote Yankee Stadium Experience, the rest of us fans who have stuck with the team for decades will have to say goodbye to that wonderful intimate view of the game from the Tier level.”

This sounds amusingly similar to our predicament. In our case, seats will exist in the new Mets Stadium but the Mets won’t sell them to us in the same season package option we’ve used for 22 years. In the new Yankee Stadium, some of the best seats in the current house won’t exist at all! Just so the well-to-do can get a sun tan.

PS – The Mets lost again.

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