— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on June 27 at 10:39AM

Shea_sunsetWe heard from our friends over at Faith and Fear in Flushing (Required reading for all Met fans).

One of their old friends Metphistopheles is a long-time Mets fan. Apparently he has been living in Buffalo for a spell and just attended his first Shea game in almost 20 years.

Alot has changed at Shea over those years. Metphistopheles wrote up his observations on his blog. Take a read.

It’s fun to hear what a die-hard notices about the Shea 0f 2007. Some of the highlights:

– The food has not improved.

– Mr. Met is everywhere.

– Everything is sponsored.

I’d love to hear Metphistopheles’ thoughts about the monstrosity growing out in the parking lot. Loge13 is almost getting used to the construction site now. But every time I get to Shea, it seems the thing has doubled in size. BTW we’ll be there in Loge13 tomorrow.


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