— Days Without Shea —

Cowbellman_smallOne month ago, The Mets took two out of three from the listless Yankees.

The blue and orange were surging as the Braves and Phillies floundered. The Spankees meanwhile, continued after this series to drop like a cinder block to the bottom of the AL East pool. It got so bad that DeprssedFan Brian tore his A-Rod posters down from his bedroom wall and started sticking syringes in his Jason Giambi doll.

But times have changed.

The Mets have lost 9 of 10 and the Phils & Braves are within striking distance of first place. Our starting outfield (and our backup outfield) is either on the DL or playing hurt.

On May 21, after the Mets won the first series against the Spanks, here is what we pondered could happen between then and now:

  1. Will Roger Clemens be starting?
  2. UPDATE: Tonight will be Clemens’ second start, and his first against a major league team.
  3. Will Jason Giambi’s contract be voided by then?
    UPDATE: Jason’s out for the year now and while his contract’s not voided, he may soon get indicted

Will Don Mattingly be managing the Yankees?
Will Larry Bowa be managing the Yankees?
Will Brian Cashman be general managing?
UPDATE: It got ugly for awhile. Torre’s job was probably never at risk but Cashman was a few losses away from being  the ex-GM.

Will John Maine have won a game between now and then?
UPDATE: In the past month, Maine is 1–3, with a 4.60 ERA.

Will El Duque have returned?
UPDATE: Hernandez is back and has had a few good starts and a few forgettable outings.

Will the Radomski Scam-ski have exploded, with names named and indictments handed out?
UPDATE: Nope but Giambi-gate may be heading for a showdown.

Could Glavine be going for win # 300 at Yankee Stadium? It is a remote possibility.
UPDATE: Glavine may qualify for social security before he reaches 300.

Will The Mets have come to their senses and decided not to tear down Shea Stadium?
UPDATE: No such luck.

Prediction for this weekend? The Mets take 2 out of 3, change their fortunes and settle in for a productive home stand.


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