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by Kingman on June 1 at 8:54AM

BondspeedThe Mets/Giants series this week was great baseball. There was some jaw-dropping defense (Loge13 was still buzzing last night about the Vizquel/Frandsen double play in the bottom of the 9th Tuesday night), tremendous pitching by everyone not named Benitez…and of course, the side-show freak commotion that surrounds the Giants’ cleanup hitter everywhere he goes.

Loge13 would like to think we’d be this appreciative of the past 72 hours of good baseball even if the Mets had lost the series.

Fortunately, we’ll never know because the Mets beat the Giants last night 4–2.

It was a beautiful night to sit in Loge13 and watch Hernandez pitch another solid performance. After surrendering two hits to the first two Giants, El Duque settled in and stifled the Giants over seven innings of work. Amazingly, the Giants had only one runner LOB the entire game!

Matt Cain also pitched decent, getting himself out of a few jams.

The only bummer: Beltran’s collision at first base with Rich Aurilia. From our seats, Beltran looked fine immediately after the run-in. he was walking around for a few minutes while Aurilia got checked out, then started to grimace. Beltran’s due to be checked out today but a weekend outfield of Johnson-Gomez-Chavez is not out of the question. As noted by Loge13’s Ron Hunt last night, Gomez is looking overmatched at the plate, not ready yet for big league hitting.

All was not lost last night if you’re a Giant fan. Shortly after the game, Armando Benitez was traded to the Florida Marlins for Randy Messenger. This is also good news for Mets fans. We have 10 more games against the Fish this season – including six at Shea, where Benitez has shared many of his greatest meltdowns with the fan faithful.

Over at El Lefty Melo, our BlogsByFans friend has more on the Giant fan reaction to the trade, including Brian Sabean’s challenge to the rest of the team. Apparently, Sabean also got into it with some San Francisco drive-time radio jocks yesterday before the trade.

BTW Billy wagner got his 31st consecutive save last night. Tuesday night, he earned his 30th, breaking the Mets club record of 29…held by Armando Benitez.


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