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by Kingman on June 26 at 9:14AM

It took 11 innings but the Mets beat the Cards 2–1 Monday night for their 4th win in a row.

This was a great game. Both starters Jorge Sosa and Mike Maroth pitched strong. Maroth was very impressive during his 7.1 innings of work, allowing just 2 hits. Unfortunately for him, one of those hits was Carlos Gomez’ second home run of the season, which kept the game tied until Shawn Green could launch a ball of the scoreboard to win the game.

Before Gomez hit his home run, he drove a long foul ball that looked like it might go. Gomez stood at the plate and watched, instead of running. SNY did a great job showing Randolph in the dugout afterwards, with Keith or Ron (I forget which) surmising that Willie was counseling the rookie against hotdogging it.

For more on the gam,e check out the Cardinal side of things from our BlogsByFan cousin Buck Rampage.

This latest win streak has been fun to watch. The Mets slug out 9 runs Friday, then win a 1–0 nailbiter Saturday. After churning out 10 runs Sunday, the boys only managed 3 hits and 2 runs last night. But the important thing is they are winning and looking confident. A few weeks ago, they would wilt against a dominant pitching performance. Now they’re hanging tough.

We only wish DepressedFan Brian were not on vacation this week (he so loves a Mets winning streak, especially when the Yankees are losing). If he were in the country, he’d probably say something like, “Post some more Ace Frehley clips to keep the streak alive.” OK then. Here is Ace and Kiss doing “Shock Me,” Houston 1977.


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