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by Kingman on June 25 at 9:32AM

This weekend, we received some awesome images and thoughts from Loge13 reader Bob. We posted pics of the 1969 yearbook and ticket stubs from game 3 of that year’s World series last night.

Here are some more fantastic memories from Bob. First up, box seat ticket stube from the July 4th 1968 double header:


The Mr. Met rain check image is a classic. Here was there through the 1970’s. Anyone recall when he was removed from the tickets? Before or after Mrs. Met suddenly disappeared?

From Bob:

“The inflation of ticket prices is astounding!  Back in 1968, box seats at Shea was $3.50, reserved $2.50.  I saw a July 4 doubleheader (remember scheduled doubleheaders?) for $3.50 in a field level box!  Today that same seat would set me back $45.  The best deal was the grandstand admission, the top rows of the upper deck.  Those seats weren't reserved then, and only cost $1.30.  Today's price starts at $9 for most games and can cost as much as $25!  Unlike today, these 1968 prices were for the full 81-game schedule.  This was before free agency, of course, when superstars aspired to earn $100,000 in a season and an average player usually was happy to earn $30,000.”

Scheduled double-headers were great. Unfortunately, they are no more. This Friday, the Mets are hosting a day/night doubleheader against the Phils but you gotta pay twice to see both games.

Next, check out the list of official souvenirs from the 1968 yearbook. These are pretty reasonable prices, even for 1968. What I wouldn’t give for a set of Met beer mugs…


Finally, here’s a photo of Shea from the same yearbook. Nice to see no construction site beyond the outfield:


Thanks for the pics, Bob! Loge13 is happy to post any and all Shea memories. Drop a line to kingmanATblogsbyfans.com.

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Bobster1985 said

It was an ugly scandal that caused Mr. Met to be dropped from the rain checks... Mrs. Met came home early from work and found Mr. Met in bed with the Philly Phanatic. The team hushed it up but things were never the same at home after that.

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G-Fafif said

I like the Bobster's explanation, but if I may be more prosaic, I believe 1981 was the first year the tix didn't have Mr. Met and his trusty umbrella. That year we had the logos of the opposition, a trend that didn't last long. Though new ownership took over in '80, I don't remember the change 'til '81 -- which I definitely recall (Dodger logo when Fernandomania came to Flushing, for example).

[June 26, 2007 9:19 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

Thanks! I think that is also around the same time they took away the bullpen carts for the Mets and opponents and made relief pitchers run on the field. In fact, I believe there were a few years when the visiting relievers walked, but the Mets pitchers still rode.

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Max said

Hi guys maybe you can help me out. I know the ticket stub on the left is from the July 4th game, but is there more information about the rain check from the right? I have one just like that I have found, with no reference to a date. Only difference is mine is marked with only one game number, which is #1, and so I am trying to figure out if this is from Opening Day '68 or what. Thanks for you help.

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