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by Kingman on June 23 at 9:22AM

A Happy 20th Birthday to Loge13’s favorite daughter!


Some children are raised in the woods by wolf packs. This one was raised under the Mezzanine section by a rabid pack of Met fans.

It was 20 years ago today. 20 years ago tomorrow, the Mets played our then arch-rivals the Chicago Cubs. Ron Hunt, who had just become a proud dad hours earlier, was there! The Mets won that game 2–1 in the bottom of the ninth on a single by Bill Almon. Here’s the box score.

RickeyHendersonAnd in honor of today, your favorite Met wishes you a happy birthday too.

At 20, you are only about a third as old his Rickey.

And at this rate, we may get him back starting in left field as a birthday present to you. Rickey says Rickey can help any club that wants Rickey.



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Ron Hunt said

Thanks for the shout-out!

Happy Birthday to Squirt! You're the best! Enjoy your day.

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