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by Kingman on June 14 at 5:34PM

CitiField_Outfield_053107_smallMet fans everywhere are struggling to make sense of what’s happening to the boys the past several weeks.

We’re not the type to write agonized posts after each loss, overanalyzing every play and misplay.

We’re also not about to write off the 2007 season. But the fact is, it’s getting kinda tight. Fact is, the Mets have lost 9 out of 10. Fact is, Mets are still in first place, but only two games ahead of the Braves and those surging Phils.

Before the season began, we wrote about the state of the Mets and what the “Reasons to medicate” were before the 2007 campaign. Lets see where we went right and where we went wrong:

REASON TO MEDICATE, As Of April 1, 2007:

  1. Glavine, Hernandez, Maine, Perez, Pelfrey. Alot of questions. Alot to prove. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: The starting rotation got off to a strong start but is battling now. Glavine is showing his age atm but should have won more games than he has. Maine was brilliant in April, so-so since. El Duque is great when not disabled. Pelfrey disappointed. Perez has been the real success story all year, and Sosa (last night excluded) has helped minimize the damage. We’re going to need more starting pitching help, though, to get through the year. Pedro in August.
  2. Right field: Shawn Green. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: I was wrong on this one. Green did indeed correct his swing in the off-season and is having a strong year at the plate. Unfortunately, he also visited the DL for the first time in his career and his renewed offensive output was not replaced.
  3. Jose Valentin: Can't be expected to repeat last year's success. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: His numbers are off from last year, but not dramatically. The bigger problem is injuries. Valentin will play the rest of the year in a knee brace and will need offseason surgery if he is to ever play again. The odds are decent he won’t finish the season. That’s a big problem up the middle.
  4. Endy Chavez: Has to prove last year wasn't a fluke. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: Endy is the new Mookie, winning games with a bunt one day, a home run the next. Also on the DL, and this injury really hurts.
  5. Heilman's elbow. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: In the past two weeks, Heilman has a 5.14 ERA. He is the center of alot of trade rumors. Randolph seems to have less confidence than he did and if Looper can be a starting pitcher, Heilman certainly can somewhere else.
  6. Burgos: Mel Rojas reincarnated? UPDATE – June 14, 2007: Ambiorix is back in a Zephyrs uniform down in New Orleans.
  7. Kazmir is finally making his first opening day start in New York...at Yankee Stadium UPDATE – June 14, 2007: Kazmir has had his struggles this year but is starting to turn it around. Maybe the Mets can get him back (and maybe they won’t tear down Shea Stadium).
  8. New third base coach. This may seem odd but it's important. Manny Acta was a good, aggressive third base coach that made Mets runners challenge opposing defenses to make plays. Acta's gone now. Is Sanday Alomar Sr. up to the task? UPDATE – June 14, 2007: No complaints here.
  9. Moises Alou hasn't had an injury-free year since El Duque was in his thirties. And that's a long time ago. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: This is killing us. Alou is a player but he can’t get healthy. He appeared in only 100 games last year and may not match that total in 2007. There is no timetable on his return.
  10. We open against the Cards and have to watch them get the *#@!ing rings we would have gotten if the boys had scored a few more runs last October. UPDATE – June 14, 2007: We also forgot how to score runs in June. The Mets have only 38 runs scored this month and 11 home runs. We compared that to the rest of our division. We’re dead last in runs scored for June:

Runs scored - NL East - As of June 14, 2007
Team Runs scored HR's Games
Phils 60 18 13
Washington 54 8 11
Florida 53 12 12
Atlanta 45 11 13
Mets 38 11 12

 So as former Met 3rd baseman Axl Rose once said, Where do we go? Where do we go now?

There is only one place to go: to the Bronx where we can beat up on those upstart Yankees and fix this broken wagon before all the wheels come off.

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