— Days Without Shea —

Someone named kcgridlock recently posted aerial footage of the Citi Field construction:

This video gives some great context as to the location and size of the new stadium. It seems as if Citi Field could actually fit inside Shea. This will be a fun clip to look back on over the next 18 months of construction.

Loge13 is commited to providing all the angles to Citi Field’s development and Shea’s demise. Since our season ticket plan is currently not being offered at the new ballpark, this is probably as close as Loge13 will get to CitiField. 

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G-Fafif said

Not to be, as someone I worked for inelegantly put it, a pimple on the ass of progress, but Shea is so beautiful in that footage, why would you want to tear it down? One of the small joys of landing at LaGuardia is spying Shea from above. Hate to lose that.

I mean the new place will be great...the new place will be great...the new place will be great...

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Kingman said

Exactly. Shea's profile is as important to the Queens landscape as the Unisphere. I don't want a diss the work-in-progress that is Citi Field, but based on the designs I've seen, it will not make the same kind of visual statement. But what is most interesting from this footage is how much smaller the place will be. Which only reminds of how many less Met games I'll be seeing live in the future.

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