— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on May 25 at 4:52PM

HuntFor much of Mets history, most believed the position of 3rd base was cursed. Dom Zimmer started there in 1962 and was gone a month later, beginning a long tradition of rotating players.

But now, with Jose Valentin continuing to languish on the DL, talk is brewing of a new hex, this time at second base.

The folks over at MetsBlog.com detail The Curse of Ron Hunt today. It’s an excellent read…and undoubtedly of special interest to one Loge13 occupant, whose all-time Met hero (and Loge13 screen name) now shares an appellation with a new Met jinx.

Alomar, Baerga, Matsui. It’s a compelling theory…

Meanwhile, the word on Valentin is that he is at least a month away from rejoining the team.

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Ron Hunt said

sorry for the late comment but this whole line of thinking hurts me more than when Phil Gagliano ran into me in the Shea basepath and separated my shoulder.

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