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by Kingman on May 31 at 10:07AM

Vampire-teethThere was almost a full moon during last night’s Mets-Giants game at Shea Stadium.

But the horror movie behavior was happening at last week’s Mets-Yankees game.

According to the local police blotter, police arrested a fan (most likely a Yankee fan), who then bit the cops.

From the 110th precinct report:


“Police assigned to the New York Police Department Shea Stadium Detail busted a 36- year-old Mets fan on May 20 after the reveler bit two officers who were trying to restrain him.

Police sources said investigators have not been able to determine why Mark Lindsay began cursing at a TV camera operator in the stadium at about 10:15 p.m., during the final game of the subway series between the Mets and the Yankees.

Authorities claimed Lindsay became so unruly that he was escorted outside the stadium by a Shea security supervisor. Once outside, Lindsay began swinging at the supervisor and kicking him. When the two police officers arrived at the scene and tried to cuff Lindsay he bit them.”


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