— Days Without Shea —

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by Kingman on May 28 at 2:44PM

Mr_met_nobackground_broomLoge13 was in the deep woods this weekend with little access to media outlets, save for sporadic wireless service.

How the world has changed during this three-day weekend:

The Mets swept the Marlins in Florida, for the first time since 1993.

The Spankees got swept AT HOME.

Joe Torre got booed BY HIS OWN FANS IN THE BRONX. Way to back your time when they’re down.

Damien Easley starts in left field for the first time ever.

Shawn Green’s foot is broken.

Victor Gomez is hobbling.

Ben Johnson left New Orleans three days ago and still can’t connect with the Mets.

Guilermo (Just say no) Mota is coming back tomorrow. Burgos is going down.

And no one is playing professional baseball in New York on Memorial Day.


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