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by Kingman on May 17 at 9:07AM


The Mets won 8–1 early Thursday morning. But Loge13 doesn’t want to talk about that.

Instead lets spend a few moments honoring an endangered species in the sports food chain: the fan.

It used to be there was an ecosystem to sports. You need atheletes, naturally. And coaches. You have to have owners and people who manage the operations, from taking tickets to selling overpriced stuff. And you have fans of the team, who come to the games, talk about the team between games and sometimes even name children after their favorite players.

All of these entities depend on each other to support and sustain the fragile environment we all exist within. Take away one of these lynch pins and the entire system collapses. At least that is what science tells us.

Turns out it is not true, though. Major League baseball seems to believe it can survive without fans. It is testing that theory by playing games in terrible weather conditions at fan-unfriendly hours.

Wednesday’s game started at 10:20, after a rain delay of over three hours. Thunderstorms rolled through New York at 4:00 PM and the rain did not let up for six hours. Like alot of people, we headed out to Shea. By 8:00, there were puddles all over the warning tracks. There were also lots of parents with kids at the game, on a school night, forced to stay at the stadium because the Mets made no announcements of any substance. By the time the first pitch happened, the stadium was largely empty. No worries: who needs fans to play a game?

We may need a shortstop now too. Jose reyes aggravated his hamstring in the 8th inning.

The Mets are offering tickets to the Mets/Twins series for anyone who was at the game last night, which is a nice gesture. But as long as MLB forces the unbalanced schedule on us, teams will be forced to wait out all kinds of bad weather to get a game in, fans be damned.

Essentially, Bud Selig (or “B Slug”) is telling fans to “Bend Ya Knees,” or as they said in ancient Rome: Caveat Emptor. 

Meanwhile this morning, the Mets are trying to sell tickets for today’s afternoon game. They sent out a mass e-mailing with the subject line: “Call in sick: see the Cubs at Shea Thursday.” For everyone who waited out last night’s storms, calling in sick is almost mandatory. But I doubt many will be making the return trip.  

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Brian said

I'm actually shocked they aren't playing a day/night doubleheader today.

The fan's feelings are a thing of the past, fleecing is the key word today, and it's a shame. You don't really matter unless you sit in a luxury box.

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