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by Kingman on May 19 at 8:17AM


Depressed Fan and Loge13 shared our Met/Yankees predictions yesterday. I was fine with most of what DP said…except for when he called Shea a dump. At least, giant slabs of concrete don’t fall out of the rafters at Shea like they do in Spankee Stadium. OK, the occasional drunk does fall from the sky but that can happen anywhere.

Loge13 doesn’t have much to add to DepressedFan’s assessment of last night’s Met win. The good Perez showed up and humbled the pinstripe lineup (which is looking very humble these days).

Today, the Mets ace takes the mound against rookie Darrell Rasner. With Glavine on the mound, we should be a lock. These are exactly the kind of games the Mets end up losing.

And as for you Depressed Fan, next time take mass transit to Shea.

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Don Hahn Solo said

The first at-bat of the game told the whole story: bloated, creaking, wheezing Yankees believe that they are simply entitled to second base on a hit up the 3rd base line. "How un-gentlemanly for that chap to hustle to the ball and gun me out!" Damon might opine, making sure he did not damage his wallet on the slide.

...And Delgado continues to be be the most productive non-hitter in baseball with that sac fly in the first. Not to look a gift rbi in the mouth but eventually, Carlos, we will need you to get an actual hit. I mean these walks, squibs through the infield, and lazy pop outs are great and all but if you could drag your average up to about .240 we'd all really appreciate it.

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