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by Kingman on May 25 at 10:45AM


There’s an excellent article regarding Citi Field and the future plans for Willet’s Point “Iron Triangle” in this week’s New York Sun (“Now, The Fenway Principle”). 

Some highlights:

  • “The Wilpons are building a mall that happens to feature baseball. As Shea Stadium — a functional though not graceful slab of cement — is readied for demolition…, club owners are finding that there is more money in mall ball.”
  • Years ago, a professor at the University of Central Florida, Bill Sutton, coined the phrase the "Fenway Principle," to describe how a ballpark or arena with reduced capacity can create a shortage of tickets, forcing customers to purchase tickets months in advance if they want to attend a game.”
  • “The Fenway Principle will likely play out in Queens and the Bronx, where fans will not only vie for fewer seats, but will pay more for them.”
  • Steinbrenner and the Wilpons will more than likely cut out the baseball fan that saves up for a cheap seat a couple times a year.”
  • Mayor Bloomberg has proposed a development plan to replace the 225 auto shops and 25 industrial and manufacturing businesses in the triangle with 5,500 housing units, 500,000 square feet of office space, and 1.7 million square feet of land for retail and entertainment centers. The redevelopment would also include a school, a 700-room hotel, and a convention center.”
  • When the city puts the project up for bid in 2008, the Wilpons, who have storied roots in real estate development, could put themselves in the running for the redevelopment rights.”

The only thing that remains certain about all of the stadium and arena development in the city is that wherever they build them, it's going to cost much more to get in and there will be far more fans catching the games on the couch.”

Loge13 will have more on the subject of eminent domain a bit later…


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