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by Kingman on May 15 at 4:33PM

ClifffloydCliff Floyd will always be a fan favorite at Shea, even if he too often struck the grimaced pose in this photo while wearing the blue and orange.

It’s nice to see Cliff in New York this week. Who knows if we’ll see him in a game today or tomorrow (when we’ll be occupying Loge13).

At least Cliff still knows how to speak his mind to the media. On Monday, when asked about his limited appearances so far in 2007 (73 at-bats and only 18 starts), Cliff said,”"A lot of the things that we talked about in my contract negotiations haven't been exactly what I would like them to be. But you have to know what the situation is. I thought I'd be playing more, but at the same time with [Alfonso] Soriano playing left, it's huge for him and the team.”

Piniella seemed to take a dig at Floyd’s proclivity for the DL when he responded. "[Matt] Murton deserves to play, Soriano's in the outfield. We've got [Jacque] Jones," Piniella said. "I appreciate the fact that he [Floyd] wants to play, but truthfully, when we play him, we've had to rest him for awhile because he's had some ailments.

“Everybody wants to play, and I appreciate that, but I only have eight spots in the lineup."

Word is, Cliffy is playing even more like an old man this year. Maybe after Julio Franco retires in 2009, we can get Floyd back as the clubhouse elder statesman. Floyd will only be 37 then.

Meanwhile, it’s worth reviving his at-bat music one more time, for old time’s sake:


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Ross Jones said

Living in Chicago I can tell you that nobody is looking for Cliff to play everyday. People are more anxious to see Felix Pie come back from the minors. I would suspect Cliff ends up in an AL roster before the trade deadline.

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