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by Kingman on May 21 at 9:07AM

A sweep would have been nice but there’s not much to complain about after this weekend.

In fact, the only thing to grouse on is this headline from the Sports section of today’s NY Daily News:


As Loge13 said Friday, “Meanwhile, most headline writers would love to see the Yankees win Sunday so they can refer to “The Yankee Clippard” ad nauseum.”

C’mon boys, that headline’s too easy.

Ultimately, this series was no more important than Mets/Twins or Yankees/Rockies next month. The real work happens tomorrow. The Mets need to take 2 out of 3 down south this week and keep putting distance between themselves and the Braves. And those Spankees need to get on a roll. Although, as DepressedFan says, even if the Yanks take two out of three from the Sox this week, they’ll still be 9.5 games back.

So Part I of the faux Subway Series has ended. When we reconvene for Part II June 15–17, what will be different?

  1. Will Roger Clemens be starting?
  2. Will Jason Giambi’s contract be voided by then?
  3. Will Don Mattingly be managing the Yankees?
  4. Will Larry Bowa be managing the Yankees?
  5. Will Brian Cashman be general managing?
  6. Will John Maine have won a game between now and then?
  7. Will El Duque have returned?
  8. Will the Radomski Scam-ski have exploded, with names named and indictments handed out?
  9. Could Glavine be going for win # 300 at Yankee Stadium? It is a remote possibility.
  10. Will The Mets have come to their senses and decided not to tear down Shea Stadium?

Stay tuned.



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