— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on April 23 at 6:01PM

We have talked about The Beatles and Grand Funk Railroad’s legendary Shea performances. The Who’s show in the fall of 1982 was less legendary.

The band was on its first farewell tour and clearly in it for the money. Townsend was battling personal demons and the band members were all battling each other. The Clash opened these shows and would themselves disband a few years later.

Here are two unreleased clips from the shows. They couldn’t be any different. “I Can’t Explain” rocks hard and features a violent guitar solo:

“Athena” – then a new song from the quite-awful “It’s Hard” album was also performed. Here ‘tis in all its lifeless glory. These guys clearly hated the song, each other, and I suspect, their clothes.

Shea hosted it all, without apology.


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frankie caruso said

whoever wrote this is a jackass.where you even there for the who concert?do you like rock and roll?i was there and it was incredible.who are you to knock these rock legends?go listen to britany spears,you creep.why are we celebrating a place that only had 2 world series championships[one a fluke]in 47 years?

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