— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on April 18 at 10:30AM

SheaFromCoronaLoge13 is a bit fuzzy today, after all the Shea celebrating yesterday. It was nice of Grand Funk Railroad to stop by but those guys left a big mess on the infield. So much for partying like it’s 1971.

It was encouraging to see other sites recognize Loge13 and most important, to honor Shea’s 43rd birthday. A lotta love for our condemned friend was poured out at Faith & Fear in Flushing, MetsBlog, Can’t stop the bleeding and others.

Mike over at MikesMets had some wise words:

“As a Mets fan, I am all too aware of Shea's flaws, but I'm also sick to death of the endless whines by the New York media on how much they hate the place. The old stadium deserves some credit for all of the great moments.”

Precisely. And those whines resulted in the creation of Loge13. The NY media has swallowed the spin regarding the new Mets and Yankees stadiums. Destroying Shea is justified by metaphorically tearing it down, relying on the old saws about poor plumbing, subpar services etc. Sure that’s all true but there’s plenty to love about Shea too.

It’s too late to stop the executioner: Shea’s days are numbered. But while we’re counting down the days, we’ll reminisce on the good, the bad and the ugly that makes Shea what it is. Oh yeah, and when it’s not raining, we’ll talk Mets.


Happy Birthday Shea!

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