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by Kingman on April 9 at 7:08PM
Canada_Glacier_and_MrMetDang it was cold at Shea Opening Day Monday. And Loge13 is under the shade of the Mezzanine section so we had no weak April sun to heat us up.

Instead we warmed ourselves witnessing the eighth inning heroics today as the Mets scored seven times and dismantled the Phils 11-5.

It looked bad for a while. Maine was not sharp and couldn't get out of the 5th inning. He only allowed two runs but escaped multiple bases-loaded jams, thanks to the Phillies' new "leave-as-many-men-on-base-as- possible" policy.

Phils starter Cole Hamels was sharp and had our number. Only Jose Valentin had him figured out. That's how bad it was.

But the Phillies began giving back as soon as they went to their bullpen. After escaping seventh inning Met threats, Geary fell apart quickly in the eighth and Jon Leiber performed like a man about to enter forced retirement.

Jimmy "The Mouth" Rollins did not help, botching a Reyes ground ball in the fateful inning. (He also hit into a bases-loaded double play earlier. (Attention Chipper Jones: you have been replaced as the player Met fans love to hate). But Wright delivered the most painful blow, a 2-run double after going 0-4 up to the eighth.

Today's attendance was 56, 227, the largest opening day crowd in Met history. That number included the blotto'ed rookie cop behind me, who had come off an 8-4 shift, and come to the park to drink and scream away the hours before his next shift tonight. He loudly cursed the entire stadium when it cheered the National Anthem before its finale ("I did not defend this country to have it's song disrespected!"). Similar disquietudes interrupted the proceedings. But by the 3rd inning, the young officer's voice was lost and order restored. Loge13 salutes the NYPD rookie class of 2007.

Cops must be getting paid well these days to get drunk at Shea. Beer vendors are charging $6.75 for a cup this year. Bottles at the stand are $7.25. Assuming there is such a thing as a "Seven-pack," that adds up to $50.25 (before tip) for a seven-pack of Shea suds. Loge13 salutes Aramark for its courageous price-gouging and fleecing of New York's drinkers.

Meanwhile, CitiField construction continued throughout the game. The parking lot beyond right field is mostly gone. Fans were encouraged to take mass transit, with the promise of extra trains. I took the LIRR out to Shea and saw no evidence of extra service but…did get to sample the breath of many fans standing near, on top and below me on the ridiculously overpacked 11:49 out of Penn Station. The MTA had plenty of 7 trains for the post-game ride, however. Loge13 salutes the Flushing local.

Excellent penultimate Opening Day at Shea. Take it, Jane Jarvis!

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Brian said

The Mets' horrible announcers had nothing but great things to say about Citi Field. You sure you're lamenting the last days of Shea?

[April 9, 2007 8:29 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

Those arguably horrible announcers know who writes their paychecks. They gotta sing the new park's praises if they want their kids to eat.

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Ron Hunt said

Loge 13 was very cold today but not as cold as the wonderful Mets "business team" to close a ramp behind beloved 13 and put a sales office about "Shitty Field" (I regret to use a bad word and something suggested to me by a lifelong Crankee fan but I propose that we only use name henceforth)right behind us.Is it a ballyard or a condo?

[April 9, 2007 9:03 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

Thanks for reminding me. Yes, on the remains of what once was Casey's Pub now lies a business office so the Mets can recruit season ticket holders to the new stadium. It is bad enough they are taking away our seats: now they are recruiting our replacements by the doomed entrance to Loge13.

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