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by Kingman on April 28 at 8:55AM

KirkJRadomskiThis story could get ugly.

Former Met batboy and clubhouse attendant Kirk J. Radomski pled guilty to distributing steroids to major league players, according to the NY Daily News.

According to the story, Radomski said he dealt steroids to dozens of major leaguers from 1995 to 2005, operating out of his house in Lindenhurst, L.I., which was raided by agents on Dec. 14, 2005.

Fortunately, for the Mets, Radomski’s alleged activities took place AFTER  he stopped working for the team. Of course, he undoubtedly met most of his clients while working at Shea.

Radomski named names of players he dealt steroids to, and federal agents also recovered checks made out to him from major league players.

The drugs in question are deca-durabolin, testosterone, Clenbuterol, human growth hormone and amphetamines.

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stopmikelupica said

This should be a big story. And don't discount those early 90's Phillies teams being involved - everyone knows Lenny Dykstra was on some steroids stuff when he got over to the Phillies team, and a lot of that crew were on some suspicious stuff.

You know which major league was on that team that might catch some heat if there is a connection there? Hint:bloody sock...

But I'm betting the media will bury this story swiftly if it goes in that direction....

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Kingman said

If any Mets from the 90's were juicing themselves, they must have been doing it wrong.

The story had a pretty strong second day, after the Daily News broke it Friday. The NY Post ignored it entirely (no surprise).

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Yanks Win said

While I have little or no sympathy for major leaguers using steroids, I can't think of a SINGLE drug investigation that gives breaks to the dealers so that they can arrest the customers.

Every other drug investigation in the USA has DAs or US Attorneys pressuring dealers to give up suppliers not customers. It makes me wonder if they're interested in stopping the flow of steroids or in advancing their own political careers by going after celebrity scalps.

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