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by Kingman on April 18 at 5:10PM

John MaineThe Marlins have been playing good baseball this wet season. They are only 6 & 7, but the young offense has been scoring alot of runs, averaging 5.23 runs/game (second only to the Mets 5.58 runs/game).

Pitching, on the other hand, as been a problem. The team has one of the worst ERA’s in the NL and, beyond Dontrelle (3 & 0. 3.32 ERA), there’s not much to talk about.

Willis vs. Maine tonight. Ideally, we sweep the two-game series and remind the Marlins who’s boss of the NL East.

Meanwhile, we’re not all excited about Wright’s 24–game hitting streak.  It is somewhat tainted, as the streak spans two seasons. Loge13 is still getting over Piazza tying Hubie Brook’s 24–game hitting streak. And don’t forget Jose Vizcaino’s 23–game hitting streak was stopped dead when Dallas Green had him pitch-hit on a supposed day off. Vizcaino was destined to tie or beat DiMaggio (their names almost rhyme) but Green ended that dream. Jose exacted his revenge in 2000. But that’s another story.

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