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by Kingman on April 12 at 10:43AM

Amd_metsfansThis story was making the rounds Thursday morning.

58–year-old Met fan Ellen Massey was at opening day Monday. Just before the 7th inning, a drunk fan fell on her, breaking her back. She is now scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. Amazingly, the drunk fan was able to stumble away without getting caught.

On Monday, the crowd was pretty well behaved overall around Loge13, except for the one drunk directly behind me. I did see a few (presumably alcohol-inspired) brawls break out in other sections. But there were few beer vendors making the rounds and the lines at the concession stands were huge. One would have to really work hard to get drunk enough to succumb to gravity’s pull and crush an innocent woman’s spine. At $7.25 a bottle, you’d also have to be pretty rich or have a low tolerance to liquor.

Of course, now that the team is playing well, we can expect to see more pseudo-fans in the stands. You know, the type who spend more time on beer lines and cell phones…or drunkenly disabling people…then actually sitting watching the game.

Good luck to Massey who by the way, is a lawyer. After the lawsuit, expect beer prices to double.


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