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by Kingman on April 12 at 5:26PM

CitiField_041207 Yesterday, the Metshad a press dayfor the new field.

Reporters were invited to tour the construction site and also see a mockup of a luxury box and locker in the future home of the Mets.

According to one press report, Wilpon boasted that the suites would be the closest luxury boxes to the field in any major League baseball stadium.

Here’s a question: why would any average baseball fan care?

I have been in a luxury box twice in my life, by accident. Most people I know never get into one. And the people who use them are rarely in there watching a game. Not when there’s TV’s, tons of food and your own personal restroom (I think of that last point every time I stand on a bathroom line at Shea).

The tour also included a stop at a replica of David Wright’s future locker: another site few Met fans will ever see or benefit from.

Wilpon and Dave Howard, VP of business affairs, praised the new stadium and commented that the unfinished hulk of steel girders already looks better than Shea.

All I see is a smaller stadium with posh luxury boxes taking up space where real fans could (and would) have watched the game.

Disclaimer: We are bitter because in 2009, many of us in Loge13 will almost assuredly lose our partial season tickets, at the expense of progress. Enjoy those luxury boxes. And forgive us if we couldn’t care less.

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Brian said

The girders do kinda look better than Shea. I'm siding with Wilpon on that one.

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