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by Kingman on April 19 at 11:46AM


As we continue celebrating Shea Stadium’s 43rd anniversay this week, let us remember our moribund birthday boy has also enjoyed a stellar movie career.

In 1978, Shea played the role of “Che Stadium” in the mockumentary of the Pre-Fab Four “The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash.”

As The Rutles official fan site recalls:

On their second visit to the States in early 1965 the Rutles played the world's first outdoor rock and roll concert at Che Stadium (named after the Cuban Guerilla leader Che Stadium). As a security precaution the Rutles arrived by helicopter a day early. This enabled them to be safely out of the place before the audience came in. It was a brilliant public relations coup. The kids were screaming so hard that thousands never noticed the difference. Promoter Syd Bottle described it as the most exciting twenty minutes of his life. “

Skip to 4.27 to see snippets of the legendary Che Stadium performance.

For more scenes, including some empty parking lot shots, rent the movie.

Happy Birthday Shea!

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