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by Kingman on April 17 at 9:54AM

Shea_oldThe excellent folks over at “Faith and Fear in Flushing” mentioned our birthday musings for Shea today and wrote some touching words about the birthday boy. One of the many fitting quotes:

“We're Mets fans. We want the memories, the ones we've got, the one we'll get. All of ours since April 17, 1964 and through the early fall of 2008 stand courtesy of Shea Stadium. That's nothing to sneeze at either.”

Well said!

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Matthew Silverman said

Great site. I thought it was just me who was sentimental about a musty old place that's still in the same spot it was before I was born while all the houses I still see so clearly from childhood have been torn down or belong to someone else. Loved the Beatles clips, too.

There'll be another park and I'm sure it will be just fine and a lot like the other new, quirky, interchangeable ballparks throughout the country, but it won't be Shea. Can't Buy Me Love.
Matthew Silverman
Mets Essential

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Kingman said

Thanks Matt. I am finding there are alot of Shea lovers out there. And as the Beatles said at the end of the Shea documentary, they plan on coming back to Shea again. Paul and Ringo better hurry!

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