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by Kingman on April 1 at 2:25PM
MetLogo.gif The 2007 season is only hours away. The team has struggled through spring training, ongoing injuries and anemic hitting. But now it's for real. Here are my thoughts on the state of the Mets:


  1. Glavine, Hernandez, Maine, Perez, Pelfrey. Alot of questions. Alot to prove.
  2. Right field: Shawn Green.
  3. Jose Valentin: Can't be expected to repeat last year's success.
  4. Endy Chavez: Has to prove last year wasn't a fluke.
  5. Heilman's elbow.
  6. Burgos: Mel Rojas reincarnated?
  7. Kazmir is finally making his first opening day start in New York...at Yankee Stadium
  8. New third base coach. This may seem odd but it's important. Manny Acta was a good, aggressive third base coach that made Mets runners challenge opposing defenses to make plays. Acta's gone now. Is Sanday Alomar Sr. up to the task?
  9. Moises Alou hasn't had an injury-free year since El Duque was in his thirties. And that's a long time ago.
  10. We open against the Cards and have to watch them get the *#@!ing rings we would have gotten if the boys had scored a few more runs last October.


  1. Glavine has 290 career wins and is determined to have a strong, final season.
  2. Lastings Milledge will be the right fielder by May.
  3. LoDuca is due. This is the last year of his contract, he's coming off a good year and he has something to prove.
  4. Reyes. Had a fantastic spring and looks to live up to the hype this year.
  5. Beltran. Could taste the MVP award last year. Will need to excel in the outfield to make up for the weak corner fielders he is saddled with. If Carlos is healthy, he will live up to the task.
  6. Pelfrey. Of the three young starters, he is most likely to impress. I think I said the same thing about Paul Wilson.
  7. Jose Lima is not on the team anymore.
  8. Julio Franco will only be 49 this year.
  9. We upgraded the bench by losing Chris Woodward and adding Easley.
  10. Shea will be standing for two more years.

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Ron Hunt said

While I am concerned about our starters, I trust Omar to come to the rescue, if we need it.
Sandy Alomar Jr. worries me as another Willie crony, he was an awful bench coach in 2005.

But in Moises we trust and he will be a big difference. And our new bench with Easley and Newhan combined with Lastings, for a little while and Castro, we are much improved.

We will win!

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