— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on March 12 at 6:33PM

Welcome to Loge13. This blog is dedicated to chronicling the imminent destruction of Shea Stadium.

The name refers to Section 13 of the Loge level of Shea, where since 1985, I have sat with almost a dozen other yahoos, witnessing firsthand the highs and (many) lows of the past 22 years of Shea history, through a partial season ticket plan. Most of us have been going to Shea since we were kids and now bring our own children (and grandchildren) to the games.

Two years from now Shea will be gone, and with it our seats. And ticket plan.

Which brings me to the next purpose of Loge 13…

After 22 years of investment into a Mets ticket plan, we have essentially been told to upgrade to a full season plan now, or expect to be shut out of Citi Field in 2009.

Fair? Probably not. But buyer beware. The Mets have always reserved the right to yank (pardon the expression) our tickets at any time. And so, after we have endured the Anthony Young/Jeff Torborg/Roberto Alomar/Mel Rojas eras (with an occasional World Series trip or two), the Mets have decided that loyalty does not equal an equivalent chance to continue our relationship beyond next year…unless of course, we all more than triple our investments into our seats.

Oh that we could. And if the lottery gods had ever graced us with the lucky numbers and requisite oversized check, we would have already plunked down the money for 81 home game tickets (and probably installed a keg-orator and neon name plate in the seats as well). Alas, the tickets we have are about all the tickets we can get, without breaking bank accounts and breaking up marriages, careers, etc.

Seeing as how I have given up grousing for Lent, I will not allow Loge 13 to collapse into a chronic harangue against the Wilponistas. Instead, we will celebrate the concrete beauty of Shea and the sometimes concrete play of its inhabitants. Let us reminisce about the many glorious moments of this doomed treasure by the bay. There is barely time between now and the wrecking ball to mention every worthy moment but we will try. - Kingman

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Peter Pallag said

Lifelong Mets fan, from NJ, now living in San Diego, but I get out to Shea for a few games a year.

What you oughta do - get together with ~15 of your fellow Loge 13er's, and buy season tickets for 4. Then you hold a "draft" in March for the tickets to individual games. At the end of the draft, you have tickets to 20-25% of the games. Any unused tickets, put them on Stubhub.

Back in '85 I split St. Louis Blues hockey tickets like this, and it worked great.

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craig heil said

do you know how i can get a closing dvd rain took over my directv. thanks-craig

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