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by Kingman on March 29 at 11:41AM

The Mets are 10-20 as they prepare to break camp. And this week, players have begun breaking down - physically and mentally.

Duaner Sanchez is now lost for much of the year. And his late-inning bullpen pal Aaron Heilman admits he will be battling painful tendinitis all year. Burgos is our best bet to fill in the gap. Enough said.

Now comes word of some anonymous griping out the clubhouse. A deep-throat complained to Marty Noble Wednesday: ""It just doesn't feel the same as it did last year. Last year, we were primed. I don't it feel now."

We know the grouser can't be Delgado, who has not been in camp since his son's birth last Friday. And Valentin is also out of camp attending a funeral.

Who do you think it is? I suspect Pedro. He is never one to filter his comments, especially when he's bored. And last week, he (prophetically) criticized the Mets handling of Sanchez's rehab

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Brian said

Zito wasn't worth $127M to the Giants, but he might've been worth that much to the Mets.

It seems to me like the Mets' management is waiting for next year. I bet they make a huge run at the other Zambrano, and they may just land him. As for this year, they're not in good shape. I think this is the Phils' year.

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Ron Hunt said

No way it's Petey, he more of a team guy than that. Sounds like Wagner to me.

Or Cow-Bell Man.

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